Exclusive Group Support Psychotherapy Course Online from beginner to expert

Exclusive Group Support Psychotherapy Course Online from beginner to expert

Regions reached


National Scale-up of Group Support Psychotherapy

In addition to the about us, over years of SEEK GSP being a research-based project, it was able to conduct different clinical trials and studies to prove the effectiveness, feasibility, fidelity, validity, and reliability of the Group Support Psychotherapy concept among the young and grown-up people living with HIV in three Northern Districts of Uganda (Gulu, Pader, and Kitgum). Due to the different intense studies conducted by SEEK GSP, there came various suggestions from its funders and well-wishers to have the GSP concept integrated/ scaled up within the different regions of Uganda so as to work as a first-line treatment for depression among people living with HIV and other depressed persons.

The National scale-up of GSP in Uganda began in 2021 when UNAIDS offered to fund SEEK GSP in its implementation of activities aimed at the dissemination of integrated lay healthcare providers of GSP mental health services in Uganda by 2022. This initiative was then kept in play due to the recognition of GSP by World Health Organisation (WHO) as one of the top three African interventions to show success in the treatment of Depression among depressed people. With this recognition, came a grant offer from WHO to SEEK GSP that was intended to have GSP scaled up to the rest of the Ugandan regions, however, it has never been received but is still in play.


Regions Covered

In the year 2022, SEEK GSP has partnered with various organizations as listed below to have GSP scaled up in the different districts of Uganda under the NCDC initiative aimed at having Mental Health awareness and treatment considered during the treatment of HIV among people living with HIV in Uganda. In this scale-up of GSP to the entire regions of Uganda, we partnered with;

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