SEEK GSP Presenting at the 23rd World Congress

International Federation for Psychotherapy

What is World Congress for Psychotherapy ?

The International Federation for Psychotherapy (IFP) was founded in 1934. Since its creation, it has organized 22 world congresses, all held in Asia and Europe. The 23rd World Congress of the International Federation for Psychotherapy was organised for the very first time in Casablanca, Morocco in Africa from 9 to 11 February 2023.

Why Organise in Morocco ?

Despite the challenges posed by the novel Covid-19 pandemic, the congress was held face-to-face in Morocco under the esteem auspices of His Majesty, Mohammed; King of Morocco. This was because over 75% of Morocco’s population have been vaccinated and because though the Omicron wave spreads the virus more rapidly, it seems to give less severe clinical situations.

The Director General of WHO announced that 2022 will mark the end of the coronavirus as it will become the “new normal” to live with. The pandemic that lasted for over two years killed millions of people and brought depression to many homes across the globe. This clearly demonstrated the necessity of global psychotherapeutic tools

SEEK GSP's Participation

The CEO of SEEK-GSP Initiative Dr. Etheldreda Nakimuli Mpungu was highly welcome as a researcher at the 23rd World Congress of Psychotherapy. She presented on “Group Support Psychotherapy Among People Living With HIV in Uganda”. Her speech was focused on three key points 1. Group support psychotherapy 2. Income Generating skills 3. Positive coping skills There is an African parable that says, a problem shared is half solved. You may be going through depression or mental health disorders in your life right now that make you feel life isn’t worth living. Stop for a minute and come to think of it, over 38.4 million people currently have HIV in the world, over 5.8% of the Ugandan population is HIV positive. Yet most of them live a very productive life. Your case cannot be any worse. With over a decade of research and experimentation in psychotherapy, SEEK-GSP has helped over 20,000 people recover from depression, through the Group Support Psychotherapy intervention. Are you ready to take your life to the next level and overcome that depression? Our friendly team is on standby waiting for your call/message

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