Exclusive Group Support Psychotherapy Course Online from beginner to expert

Exclusive Group Support Psychotherapy Course Online from beginner to expert

Group Support Psychotherapy

Following a business visit to Uganda in the month of July this year (2022), Mr. Ngeh Jules, Cameroonian by nationality, was opportune to have been part of close to two weeks of the Group Support Psychotherapy seminar on Mental Health in Uganda. In this seminar, he learnt quite a lot about mental health in relation to GSP. Digging deep into the main objectives of SEEK-GSP Uganda, he learnt that the NGO was engaged mostly in counseling HIV/AIDS victims through GSP and with a goal of moving out of Ugandan borders to the Diaspora. As a result of his visit, he thought it was wise for SEEK-GSP Uganda to extend her activities to West and Central Africa with Cameroon, Nigeria, Togo, and Benin as the main countries of focus to begin with. With the objectives of SEEK-GSP Uganda matching similar cases in Cameroon, it was an initiative highly welcomed by the team he had presented these objectives to and following three meetings held by the interested members, between the 12th and 24th of August 2022 with 30 persons in attendance. The board of directors was elected into the different posts created at that point in time under the supervision of Mr. Ngeh Jules (African Stakeholder Engagement Specialist) and a legal observer (Mr. Dogo Ivo), magistrate of the state. All the above came into being with the strict supervision of the CEO of SEEK-GSP Uganda, Prof. Etheldreda Nakimuli Mpungu with SEEK GSP Uganda being the main branch. During the sitting on the 24th of August 2022, it was then decided that an application for recognition was to be addressed to the Ministry of Territorial administration through the Ministry of External Relations and hence SEEK GSP Cameroon.

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