Social Emotional & Economic Empowerment of Depressed HIV Persons Through Knowledge of Group Support Psychotherapy (SEEK-GSP) is a project that empowers depressed people living with HIV/AIDS socially, emotionally and economically in the 3 districts of Northern Uganda (Gulu, Kitgum and Pader) to leave better lives. The project works in collaboration with several organizations with similar objectives so as to widen the scope and scale of work thereby driving positive transformation in the society.
Lay health workers (Community Health Workers and Village Health Team members) were trained and are delivering this service to the people in the different villages within the stated districts using the Group Support Psychotherapy (GSP) approach. The project seeks to impart community members with livelihood skills as well as economic skills to assist them in setting up income generating activities so they can live productively as well as improve their standards of living. They’ll be offered business skills as well as promote savings culture among them and this will help them handle their daily needs.
SEEK-GSP is jointly being funded by Grand Challenges Canada (GCC) an organization funded by the government of Canada which is dedicated to supporting bold ideas with big impact in global health and MQ Transforming Mental Health which is an organization that is determined to support much-needed research into mental health. The implementating organizations include; Makerere University-Kampala (MUK)Ministry of Health (MOH) and The Aids Support Organization (TASO).
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We’re the first major indigenous mental health program providing evidence based culturally appropriate first line psychological treatments embedded in an HIV Care delivery platform to address mental health problems in particular depression among of persons living with HIV.

We have implemented and evaluated a group therapy program within 3 districts of Gulu, Pader and Kitgum in Northern Uganda.

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Our Mission

We believe the SEEK GSP program can transform rural populations into socially, emotionally, and economically empowered communities.


To create head strong rural communities equipped with skills to cope with adversities, free from emotional distress, social isolation, and poverty.

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Training community health workers to deliver group therapy
Providing positive coping skills and problem solving skills
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Enhancing emotional and social support and connections
Economic Empowerment
Providing income generating skills

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Kitgum District Primary Health Care Workers Group Support Psychotherapy Training

Our Partners

MQ Transforming Mental Health

Grand Challenges Canada

Ministry of Health, Mental Health Program

The AIDS Support Organization, TASO

Global Health Corps, Uganda

Kitgum Local Government

Gulu Uganda’s People Defence Forces

Gulu Uganda Prisons