Exclusive Group Support Psychotherapy Course Online from beginner to expert

Exclusive Group Support Psychotherapy Course Online from beginner to expert

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Youth Day Launching

What is Youth Day in Cameroon ?

Youth Day in Cameroon. Youth Day in Cameroon may be seen as a national celebration intended to instill in young people the values of civic responsibility, nationalism, and community development. Youth-led sporting events, parades, and traditional dances all take place to celebrate The national youth day of the country, which was celebrated on October 26 prior to reunification, was replaced by Youth Day by the West Cameroon government. Less than a year after gaining independence by embracing French Cameroon, West Cameroon's Prime Minister John Ngu Foncha proposed dedicating West Cameroon's national youth day to its youth, on whom the future state depended.

SEEK GSP's Participation

In order to reach millions of Cameroonians suffering from depression and other delinquent mental health conditions, SEEK GSP Cameroon was at the launching of the highly celebrated National Youth day on the 2nd of February 2023 in the Northwest Region of Cameroon. During this outreach, talks were organized to reach the youths on mental health management techniques, income generating skills and positive coping skills. This outreach went a long way to create awareness among the youths There present was the the Governor's representative, other regional delegates and the entire presidents of the CNYC of North west region.
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Speech to Officials

SEEK GSP spokesperson presenting to the Governor's representative and other officials
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SEEK GSP planning to reach its mission of alleviating depression in Cameroonians

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